Abstract: Schneider, Diana & Seelmeyer, Udo (2018, 04.07.): Challenges of Using Big Data in Decision Making in Welfare Institutions. Environmental and Community Sustainability; Human Solutions in an Evolving Society, Social Work, Education and Social Development (SWSD), Dublin. [Tandem 5]

Today the usage of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in practice replaces processes of human decision making more and more. Currently, in the context of welfare institutions there is marginal exploration of usage of Big Data yet. The aim of the project „Machine Decision Support in Welfare institutions: Usage Options, Implications, and Regulatory Needs (MAEWIN)“ is both to develop a prototype of machine decision support for the use in Social Work, and to give an overview of Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI). During the process of development we have to make sure to safeguard democratic principles from capriciousness, and to prevent the loss of transparency and comprehensible criteria of decision making. In our speech we will present the proceed of the project. First, we will explain the results of the field exploration related to layers and situations of professional decision making in this context: Which kind of data are available? Which data are used (and not used) in the process of decision making? Second, we will show, how to handle the Collingridge dilemma. This dilemma describes the problem to combine both in a early state, the process of planning,